A Magical Red Dress

This life.

So tricky sometimes.

I’ve been feeling so awful lately. About myself. January. Winter. Life.

Chug/groan,chug/groan,chug/groan. Hear it? Sounds like the noise anti-lock brakes make on an icy road. To me, it’s the sound of my depression creeping up. I can hear it. Doing everything I can to keep it at bay. But the snapping of its jaws, its hot breath, I feel it on the back of my neck.

Doing everything I can.

Today? Well, I have this blog hero. An inspiration. Someone that without her even knowing kept me from slipping into the abyss for the last couple of years. Jenny over at www.TheBloggess.com. She has made me laugh, cry, feel good about life when there isn’t much else that can do it.

She has her battles. But she gets very creative about her sorrow. A while ago, she did this. www.thebloggess.com/2010/05/the-traveling-red-dress

How awesome is that? Then she did this: www.thebloggess.com/2012/01/the-traveling-red-dress-revisited

The Traveling Red Dress took on a life of its own. It started traveling around the U.S., touching women, making them feel pretty and special. What an idea.

Today, in the midst of  my gloom I started to look for a dress. A cheap lovely dress. I know a few women that could use it, just to forget real life for one day. To be a princess, a prom queen for one day. To leave it all behind and just be glamorous. I couldn’t find one that wasn’t horribly overpriced or too small. I started to get down, but then, this happened. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Traveling-Red-Dress/150889871693313

I ‘won’ it! I won the red dress!!!!! I get to share this magic!!!! I burst into tears. But, I tell you, this Canadian Red Dress will be matched with one I will purchase on my own. Because I want women out there to feel alive and special and lovely and silly and fun and happy. Just like I’ll get to be for a couple of days. How I feel is indescribable. It may seem strange, but there is power and love in an unknown sisterhood. There is magic in this.

Thank you Jenny, for starting this all. Thank you for making me laugh, keeping me going. You really have no idea what you mean. Some things can’t ever be paid back. But they can be paid forward.

Yes, there will be photos. Yes, the dress will go forward. Yes.

With a little bit more magic in it.