Me And Lucinda

My ‘friend’ Sophie made some comment about dirt under her nails growing faster than I write. So because of her big mouth and because I’m boredy- bored- bored- bored, I’m about to make you look at  pictures of me. Also my parents are here and I’m hiding from them because even though I love them, they smell old and my mother talks so much I want to stab myself in the ear just to get some peace.  I shit you not, I have feigned death to try to get her to quit babbling for a few minutes.  Didn’t work. She just told me to quit pissing around and kept on yakking.

Without further ado,

My Summer So Far. (Really, you should got to another blog. Like right now.)

My hubby and I went to see Lucinda Williams last month. I LOVE HER. Seriously, I’d give her a kidney, that’s how much. For two weeks before the show, I’d crank her music, and start squealing “LUCINDA FUCKIN WILLIAMS! WE’RE GOING TO SEE LUCINDA FUCKIN WILLIAMS! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?” Pretty excited…

Me, looking thoughtful.


In the car, bellowing "WE'RE GOING TO SEE LUCINDAFUCKINGWILLIAMS!" I scared the bejesus outta my husband, but he smiled because of the camera. The last time I saw him look startled/fake happy like this was when I heaved a 10 pound human out of my vagina. He's a brave man.


When he told me he wasn't sure who LUCINDAFUCKINGWILLIAMS was. I contemplated divorce for about 3 seconds. Then I thought about chicken nuggets. Same face.

I got this instead of a sandwich. Cake on a stick. I can't even tell you how good these are. Suffice to say, I've filled my purse with them. I would like to french kiss whoever came up with this.


I kinda got nothing to say here...


Accidental pic of some guy as I was trying to hide the camera from the security guard who was hustling over to tell me to put the camera away. He seemed nice.


A fantastic photo of me and hubby. It was taken by a lovely woman sitting next to me who reeked of garlic and booze and would not stop talking to me. She gave me a hug, I gave her a cake on a stick. We're BFF now. I can't remember her name, but I'll never forget her .


Yum! Nothing like $35 a glass concert wine! This is also a split second before my new BFF staggered over to say hello,tripped over my purse and landed on me. Ha ha, that girl is fun!

This was the last picture of the evening as I ended up wearing most of the wine you see. It was an amazing concert. Lucinda is still my fave. And as a bonus, I realized that I can make friends that won’t bust my balls about writing, Sophie.  Although when she yelled drunkenly in my ear and landed in my lap, it did make me think of you.
p.s My husband doesn’t want to be in my blog or ever have his name mentioned here. (I don’t really blame him.) So please don’t look directly at his photo. Just glance, okay?
 Thank you.