Flow Charts On The Neighbours

Conversation I had with hubby just now:

Where were you?

I just met the new neighbour over at Dave and Lori’s. Her names D. I got a tour of the house. And Dawson said he’d baby sit for us Saturday.

Whose house did you tour?

Dave and Lori’s. Sara got a new bearded dragon for her birthday and D has worms.

What! Dee has worms???

No for the dragon. And it’s not Dee, it’s D. The new neighbour, on the west side of the subdivision, across from Lance and Leanne?

Oh. Whats her husband do?

What? How the hell should I know? I just met her!

Are they coming to the party? How old is she? (?)

I don’t know. A bit older than me? Anyway, I told Dawson that if he wants to baby sit, it’s fine but I don’t think I want Josh over?

Who’s Josh?

Georges kid. Anyway, we all agree something isn’t right there and I guess Dee told him not to come to the party unless his dad was there. Dave said he doesn’t blame her. Why should he come over there so his dad can go out?

Whose dad? Which Dee?

Josh’s. Anyway, Scarlet and Paxton will just go home with Dana and Vince or go over to Dave and Lori’s for that night. They can hang out with Jessie and Sara and Lindsay.

Who is Scarlet and Paxton? Who is Lindsay? Who is Jessie?

Scarlett and Paxton are Dana and Vince’s kids. Lindsay is the new D’s kid’ and Jessie is Dee and Jays kid. And I had to chase that damn Mickey home tonight.

Who is Mickey now????

Dave and Lori’s dog.

I’m gonna need a flow chart to keep up with all this.



A short explanation. We live in a subdivision of acreages, and have just all started meeting each other, and partying together. We are going to a haunted house party at Dee and Jay’s Saturday. It could get ugly. So we need to find a spot for all these damn kids. On the flip side, we all  live fairly close so it’s awesome to know who is whose, and where they all be. One of the benefits of living in the country.  And yes, I’ll be sure to put the photos of that night up here!

Small Kindness

Do you ever have a day when you where you start out happy and gung-ho only to find yourself at the end of it, wishing you had a bathtub full of gin and tonic and a very big straw? Maybe one of those gorfy trucker hats that holds beer cans? Except mine would hold a couple of bottles of perfectly chilled Chardonnay, I’d have my jammies on and a sign hanging round my neck that says ‘Mommy is closed for repairs.’

I’m not depressing. Just sad about the world.

Somalia, Norway,Libya, my own countrymen who’ve been flooded and burned out, my neighbour down the road, my neighbour’s grandma’s 2nd cousins babysitters cat, everyone struggling, starving, hurting,  fighting or in pain. I wish I could take every last one of them, hold them in my lap, rock them and tell them truthfully

It will all be okay.

i know i can’t. i’m just one person and my lap is too small. i am too small.

I do what I can. Donate where I can. Am kind where I can. And I am raising a fellow of the new generation. I am teaching him that we are global. That every person is part of our family. That we need to do what we can. He is donating, of his own accord, his piggy bank change to his kung fu kwoon charity. He’ll be helping to build a school for girls, somewhere in Africa. He gets a star for his uniform, indicating his act of ‘good chi’. I love him so much for it.


I feel like I can do more.

I don’t know exactly how this all works yet, but it seems the people of the internet are a good bunch. We are a community. So I ask two things of you, friendly reader.

First, please suggest a charity that I may support here, on my humble blog. Send me any links you can about them. Educate me. Because I may be able to do something here, other than (this needs quotes) “entertain“.

Second, (and I really need you to do this) look someone in the eye. See them. It won’t hurt. Throw some goodness their way. Give them a hug. Donate any way you can, even if it’s your time. Just help.  Acknowledge. See.

I will do as much as I can. But I need you. The world needs you.

I only have a small lap. There will be overflow.

And, please, always


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Oscar Wilde