Wind whipping her hair, sea spray in her eyes.

The tide chilling her toes to numbness. She needed to blink but wouldn’t.

She dare not lose a glimpse of horizon.

He may still wash ashore.



This is in response to Trifecta Writing Challenge Trifextra: Week Eight prompt Lost


27 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this weekend. Before we move on to your response, I have to say that I am absolutely in love with your header. I get a little misty at good design, and that duck is just awesome.


    Moving on.

    Your response is just as good as your duck. I didn’t expect that final line, and I love that you managed to create suspense in 33 words. Nice job. Hope to see you (and the duck) back on Monday.

  2. Quack quack.
    Sorry. You invited me to talk to Mama duck and that just came out of my fingers. Have you read Toni Buzzeo’s Dawdle Duckling? There’s an awesome Mama Duck in there.

    Anyway, I thought at first that she WAS the swimmer, then I realized she was watching for someone, probably a dead body, who was lost forever to the water.

  3. Congrats, winner! I actually didn’t get a chance to read this until now. It’s excellent! “She needed to blink, but wouldn’t.” I think that’s the strongest line. It’s like when I imagine the end to which I’d go to protect my children. Not superhuman, really, but more like denying myself human needs, like blinking, until they were back to safety.

    • Exactly what I was going for. It’s hard to put yourself in that place. This is a nice, talented group of writers. I think I’ll keep doing trifecta! It’s interesting! Thanks for coming over!!!!

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