About This Duck

Let’s see…About me.

I am a wife, mother to one, cat herder, dog feeder. I live in the country so my hands are always dirty. It kinda sucks.

I’ve been battling depression and anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I write a bit about that here. I write a lot of irreverent stuff. I like to put my tongue firmly in my cheek and have some fun. I like to make myself laugh. If you do, bonus!

I write some fiction when I’m moved by something. I’m told it’s dark. That’s okay. That deserves to come out, too.

Have a look around, stay awhile. I’ll get you a cuppa something! Tea, beer, wine, name your poison!


My words, my work. Enjoy!!!!

Contact: lgmoffat@gmail.com

twitter: @gustyduck

Facebook: One Odd Duck Blog

I got all gussied up for you.

Trying to look intelligent and deep.


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6 thoughts on “About This Duck

  1. I’m following up on your follow. Interesting blog. I think I’ll stick around 🙂 The hard stuff is my poison. Got any Scotch? 😉

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