Beautiful Boy

Eight years ago today, I was rebuilt.

Everything I thought I knew or believed to be true fell away to become inconsequential dust. You changed me as nothing ever could and I shed the weight of alone when I became your Mother.

rowan 3

Thank you, Rowan. For teaching me true love, what dreams really are and for awakening in me all that had long been dormant. Because of you, I am a better woman. It is an honour to be your mom.

My beautiful, brilliant boy. Every second of every day, I wish you something wonderful.

Happy Birthday.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Boy

  1. So, so sweet. Although in a few years he might roll his eyes and “Aww, Mom” you, he’ll always know that he was loved 😉 Happy Birthday to him!

  2. What a handsome boy. He (and children like him) are the reasons we’re here, aren’t they? When all is said and done, I can say the most important thing I ever did was give the world two wonderful children.
    And you can say you gave Rowan.

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