The Rape Monkeys

Hoo boy.

I’ve been watching the U.S. presidential campaigning with great interest, mostly because I am stunned at some of the things the Republican candidates are saying. I truly have not heard so much stupid  said in a few short weeks, ever. But one thing is sticking in my craw, oh yes. To the point where every time I hear it mentioned, the GACK-choke sound issues out of me so loudly me family turns and stares.

What in the blue fuck is with all the Rape talk? Yes, I am capitalizing it, as I believe it is a word that needs due accord and is not to be tossed about willy-nilly as has been of late.

I’ve read the term “Rape easy”, I’ve heard that you won’t get pregnant from “forcible Rape” and that “pregnancy resulting from Rape is the will of god” or some such. Wow. I’ve learned a lot.

I get the idea that some people vote according to their religious views. Trust me, as a Canadian I know we have a government that is filled to overflow with the evangelist christian right and they are doggedly trying to change our abortion laws as we speak. However, thus far, they haven’t gotten into the whole soft pedalling of the Rape issue. I feel that’s what they are doing in the Republican campaign in the U.S.

As someone who has been Raped and narrowly escaped two other Rapes, I must protest. As someone who knows several women that have been Raped, I must protest. (I’m not going to get into the birth control and abortion issue as I believe that is your personal choice as a woman or a man. For the record, that’s called having Rights. Know them.)

I don’t care which way you spin it Rape is ALWAYS an act of violence. ALWAYS. There is nothing else to be said about it. EVER. As a woman, it find it insulting that it’s being used as just some noun or verb, without any emotion put behind it. As a person, I feel that way.

Rape is awful, dehumanizing and should never be used to attend to a political or religious agenda. Not anywhere, not ever.

I’m also insulted by the thinking of these men. That they truly believe that the “men” they are campaigning to will see things the same way. In my circle of friends and family, at least 50% are male and I going to go with the safe bet that 99% of them don’t espouse the notion that Rape is just something that happens sometimes. So, help me out here. Is this election a complete farce of humanity with 11 rapists sitting around casting the votes for the next president or is this something many men really believe in?

Yes, I’m a Canadian but my Grandfather was a first generation immigrant in this country from Michigan. So yes, I do consider my American friends as cousins. (I do love you folks.) But I am gobsmacked at this. And I feel for you.

All I can hope is that once these monkeys are out of the barrel, it’ll be pretty fucking hard to stuff them back in. That no one will forget the idiocy of anyone using the word RAPE in their platform to get elected.

I don’t care what anyone says, using that word to further any cause regarding reproductive laws implies that it’s okay to commit the act. That it happens. No big deal.

It’s not okay. It’s a big fucking deal. If these men get in, fear for your wives, daughters, even your sons and brothers. Your love ones will need you to.



33 thoughts on “The Rape Monkeys

  1. “Rape is ALWAYS an act of violence. ALWAYS.”

    “Rape is awful, dehumanizing and should never be used to attend to a political or religious agenda. Not anywhere, not ever.”

    THANK YOU! As an American, I’ve been listening to these speeches in horror and outrage. I, too, have been raped. These guys don’t know the first thing about what that word, let alone the experience, even means. Where the hell do they get off passing judgment and legislation on women’s bodies?

    There is a systematic war on women’s sexuality being waged down here in the States. I hope the disease doesn’t spread to our neighbors to the North!


    • You’re welcome. It is frightening to me and disrespectful to all rape victims to have that word bandied about as it has been. And I agree with you. It does seem to be an attack on women. I guess they’ve forgotten that we make up 50% of the world.

  2. Thank you for saying it like it is! I have been following your blog for several months now. I can’t even tell you how I found it but I’m glad I did! Most times you make me laugh. Hard! To the point where tears are running. Tonight was different. This is exactly what i was thinking but you put it in to words better than I could have. Thank you!

  3. I think every one of these guys regret ever bringing it up. The Mourdock case (the God’s will” thing) was a case of one party deliberately twisting what was actually said. The third party candidate agreed with that and refused to attack Mourdock as his other challenger did. The other one, Akin, was just an idiot. Him I’m glad I don’t vote for (another state).

    • Well Chris, regret doesn’t put those monkeys back in the barrel now does it? For one minute, take the idea that they want to re-criminalize abortion out of the conversation. Now what do you hear?

  4. You would expect this sort of comments about rape to have been made in some extremist, religion-led dictatorship, not in the US. Watching all this from across the pond, I am appalled at some of the extremist views that have been expressed by Republican politicians. Very scary indeed…

  5. Election years make want to run to Canada. I DESPISE election years. I make sure to vote, but I have so little faith in politicians anymore, it’s just plain fucking sad. What amazes me is that these fucktards have the audacity to say something stupid about rape and act all shocked that women from every corner of the globe start protesting their fucktard ways. They are all old enough to think BEFORE they speak. And in this day and age, shit like that ought to just get them thrown out of the race because they are an asshat. Really, we could just close our eyes at this point and say “eenie meenie minie moe” and pick one and not much will change. Because shit like this will still happen: “we created one million jobs” – that’s great genius, however the other 11 million people that lost their jobs are still fucking jobless.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate election years?

    • I hear you. Same thing happens here. The rhetoric gets so thick. Politicians used to be Statesmen, respectable, having their peoples best interest at heart. Now it just seems like they couldn’t care less.

  6. Seriously, we have to get into parsing the abortion ‘debate’ into whether or not someone was raped? in 2012? Really?
    Fuck these “people” – in the real world that ship has long since sailed.

  7. I remember reading an interview with Laurie Halse Anderson, the author of the incredibly moving and well-done YA novel Speak, about the aftermath of rape for a 14-year-old high school girl. She was talking about how she received letters from boys who said they liked the book, but didn’t understand what the big deal was for Melinda (the main character who had survived a rape.) These boys were truly truly confused as to why she was so scarred by her experience. Reading that interview was incredibly eye-opening to me (and the letters were apparently so for Anderson). Apparently, there are men and boys out there who just don’t understand what a horror it would be to have their bodies violated. I suspect those boys grow up to say such stupid shit about rape, if they do not have anyone to educate them.

    • That is so interesting. I haven’t read it but I think I’ll pick it up. And why is it these boys aren’t compassionate, I wonder? Is it the times? Desensitization? Relgious views? Scarily fascinating.

  8. I can’t watch the debates. I boil too much. And I pray to god that idiot doesn’t get into the White House. The Republicans complain about the state of our country? Well, WHO put us in this mess?? Ok, I’m boiling. Need to simmer down.

  9. It’s ridiculous. Just when you think they’ve said the worst thing ever, someone came out to top that one. This term “rape easy” really really boils my blood. This goes hand in hand with the open agenda of the tea party to bring women back under control, just like the good old days, and “according to the scripture” nonetheless. The scary thing to me is that a sizable number of people including women subscribe to that belief.

  10. You are wonderful and DAMN SMART! These fucks are going to ruin us. I am terrified at what could happen with this election.

    On a happier note – My grandpa was a first gen immigrant to Michigan from Canada. We are like sisters (or really distant cousins??) I don’t fucking know but I love you.

    • I agree. And WOW! Possible cousins? I think so. Small world. I’ll email you some info as to where the family is from. Canadian blood in you. I KNEW I liked you for a good reason…

  11. The fact that this election is so close sares the ever loving crap out of me. There are SO many issues that I take with republicans. Isn’t there a division of church and state? I thought there was. So, why are their religious views coming into play on topics like gay rights and abortion? Just because that is your religious and moral opinion doesn’t mean it is the nations. FUCK that. I will NEVER vote for a party that wants to take away the rights of human beings. This is a human rights issue. Men are raped, too. Do they think because he can maintain an erection through it that it’s not rape? How do they feel about that issue? Just because a woman’s body naturally produces lubrication to lessen the TRAUMA of a violent sex act does not mean it’s not RAPE!

    I’m heated…I could absolutely go off on this. I’ve never been raped but as an EDUCATED and SANE person I know that rape is rape. No is no. Stop means stop. There is no middle ground there. Just because it’s your husband doesn’t mean it’s not rape if you say no. GRRRR. If Romney wins I’m moving in with you!

    • Jewels, you know that that was a very unfair characterization. As I saidf before, one man was misquoted on rape and the other one is just an idiot. No body thinks rape is a good thing in either party- those that do are oddballs who should be incarcerated as they are probably also practicing it. However, I will thank you for pointing of that if there is a societal immorality to be stood up for, the Democratic party will be there. And if religious faith was central to you as it is to me, you would understand that you cannot PERSONALLY divorce faith and politics- although I do agree that politicizing these issues is a step in the wrong direction.Some Christians do have to face the fact that the government rules both believers and unbelievers, and should act accordingly- which to me means that while my goal should not be to eliminate abortions, it SHOULD be to make sure that the government doesn’t take from MY pocketbook to give Jane Doe HER abortion. While it doesn’t mean I should fight for Christmas creches in the courthouse, it DOES mean I shouldn’t have to go to court to have a Bible study in my own home.

      • CW, right all due respect (and I do greatly respect you) it is no secret that we differ when it comes to politics and even religion. I may be a christian but I am not practicing nor do I stand so strongly in my beliefs as you do. I LOVE that we can be friends, supporters, and co-bloggers in a world where so often people from differing views cannot get past their differences and see where they are similar.

        I see a great need for monitoring of welfare, foster care, adoption systems, etc…but I also see a great need FOR them. That is why I cannot abide by getting rid of planned parenthood and abortions for women who should not be having children. Should they have used protection? Sure, but a lot less will if planned parenthood isn’t there to provide them with affordable care. Remove a woman’s right to abortion and cheap gynecological care and the foster systems, abandoned children, families on welfare, etc will sky rocket. These people aren’t getting ANY smarter just because affordable care is taken from them. My concern is for the trickle down effect and short term money saving options that will end up costing us all in the long run.

        Again, I respect your opinion and know you can respect mine. For now, my friend, we have to agree to disagree.

  12. Rape is always violence. Always. It’s been used for centuries as a war tactic. Why don’t people running for political office have to know anything about women’s history?

  13. Oh my goodness, I’ve read so many posts about this subject today. I’m thoroughly disgusted and I am wondering if these men have daughters and how they would feel if this violent act happened to her. What would they do? How would they feel if she got pregnant? I’m sure they’d feel some sort of emotion. But perhaps they separate themselves from the general population in that the “little people who can’t think for themselves” need the ridiculous laws, yet I have a very hard time believing that they, themselves would be singing the same song for their personal lives if this happened to a woman they love and treasure very much.

    Ugh. I am suddenly reminded that I need to send my voters stuff in today…


  14. You know what I found-and am still finding-even more horrifying than the male Rape apologists? The women who agree with them! Yep, I’ve unfriended a few people on FB, and been stunned by a few IRL, who wholeheartedly agree with the ideas being pedaled by the creepy dudes who want to run parts of the country.
    As a Canadian I watched with horror, waiting for the creepy dudes to come out of the wood work here…turns out I saw more creepy dudettes. Scary.

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