If You Were Going Blind…

And you knew it, what would be the one thing you’d really like to see before you couldn’t anymore? Tough question, isn’t it.

I’ve been following www.furiousball.com for a couple of years or so. Van is a wonderful guy and a good read. (Go there. You’re welcome.) But this post http://furiousball.com/inmydiatribe/index.php/2012/07/20/seeing-this-through-for-jim/ got me all weepy. (Van will do that to you without meaning to, trust me!) It got me to thinking about my Uncle Brad and his journey with Retinitis Pigmentosa. If Brad would have had the cognitive abilities and the communication skills to tell us that his vision was disappearing over the years, maybe we could have taken him to see something wonderful to him.( I know what it would have been. Michigan. Brad found out his Grandparents immigrated from there and since then, it’s been U.S.A. all the way! His most prized possessions are a Michigan hat and map.) Alas, we never knew.

But Jim http://jimmeck.com/ does. And as I sit here, typing and teary, I think, “How awesome and wonderful that he has a chance to prepare, to see something he can remember forever.” While there is not a thing I can do for Brad, maybe I can help get Leafs tickets for Van, Jim and Bubs.

So here goes. Canada and the Toronto Maple Leafs: We’ve gone from 6 Degrees of Separation down to 4.74 http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/22/technology/between-you-and-me-4-74-degrees.html. That means I need to go through just a bit less than 5 of you to be able to get tickets! They are in TO the week of 11/26/2012, and the Flyers/Leafs game is the 28th. So pretty please, if anyone can help out, let me know. Or Van. And I thank you.

Why am I doing this? Helping a stranger?

Why not? 4.74 degrees isn’t much. We might be able to do something very cool. And Van always seems to pay it forward.

Now, my Ducks. The tough question. If you were going blind, what would you like to see before you couldn’t anymore?

Love to you all.


21 thoughts on “If You Were Going Blind…

  1. Ahhh. This is so close to my heart, you have no idea. My best friend is blind, she was born diabetic and after many unsuccessful surgeries, she lost her eyesight at 20. She got married after that, had a kidney transplant after that, had her son after that. Since she could see, before, I asked her the very same question: what do you miss not seeing, or regret not seeing. And this is what she told me: My son is the most touched baby in the world, I hugged him and touched him and caressed him probably more than any parent. I know everything I need to know about him, without having ever seen him. But one thing I’ll never know is his eyes, his glance. I will never know what his eyes look like.

    She said this to me in passing, and we moved on to other topics, but I’ve never been able to forget that.

  2. No question. My children. I would study every inch of their faces that I already know every inch of. I can’t imagine not being able to look at them every day. I don’t even want to think about it.

  3. Seriously, you hit me during “that time” with this question and now I’m tearing up at 7:20 am before work. Damn you. My niece. No kids of my own but her sweet smiling face is the only image I’d want etched in my memory.

    Of course I’d probably be watching hockey, screaming at the TV when I burst a vessel and everything goes black….

  4. Thank you so much for this post. This trip is going to be so great whether or not we get into the game – I wonder how many tears we will all shed once Jim enters the HHOF. Definitely I would want to see my kids and Abbe smiles – the whole reason I get up every morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. I would want to see my family of course, but if I had to pick a “‘thing” then I think it would be a tie between the Crown Jewels and the Taj Mahal.

  6. I’m late again! A very sad, yet inspiring tale. What a terrible thing, to know you are to lose your sight. I think it would have to be my family, my man and my two little boys. I couldn’t imagine never looking at their faces again, so I think I’d have to drink them in before my sight went.

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