Take What You Need

Have you seen this?

This was taped to my rural mail box today. I don’t know who took the time or made the effort. What did I take?

A handful of patience. Something I can be in short supply of. But I have some now, thanks to a well-meaning stranger.

What would you take? Share here if you want. Or go here.


Even better, make some, and let’s plaster this world with random blessings.

Words have power. Even words taped to a mailbox in the country.

Love to you all.


20 thoughts on “Take What You Need

  1. What a beautiful thing to do. I could never do that because I love getting credit. I’d probably have my blog address on the back of each tag. LOL

  2. That is amazing! I love that. What a sweet and supportive message to be spreading through the world. I totally want to do this. 🙂 Is there one for more hours in the day or better time management? I’ll take both of those.

  3. Probably courage… Or faith… Courage to face the uncertainty ahead, and faith that the path I’m laying down, step-by-step, is the right one… Thanks for sharing sweets!

  4. I think I will take healing as we all need some healing whether it is our body or our soul that needs to be heal doesn’t matter healing is a good think sometimes it might be our attitude that needs healing……….

  5. Thanks for posting this. I get my mail from a rural mail box too, and this would be wonderful to put up next to the lost cat notices.
    I could use some healing – or rather my husband could use it. He’s recovering from a motorcycle accident.

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