15 thoughts on “New Snow

  1. Thanks for taking one for the team. lol We probably got 5 inches last week over 3 days. But then the high winds blew it away. And the rest of it melted.

    • You are welcome! Dumped at your place too, huh? Okay, Where’s my pics, dammit!!! Us winter folk all have to suffer.;)

  2. It is cool and wet here ok not so wet more cold, I can’t imagine living some where it snows but I think most of us think where we live is the best place and sometimes it is more about what you have been raised with……………meaning if I was raised in an area that snowed then that would seem like the best place

    • Yes, Jo-Anne, that’s is true. I lived in Vancouver for a few years and always complained about the rain! But now, well, I think I’d take it!

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