The Traveling Red Dress

Take a walk with me. Here, hold my hand. Got your snow boots on? Good. It’s miserable out.

The busyness of living has worn me thin like tissue. I’ve wanted to run, fly, somehow, leave it behind.

No. There is too much here, in this life. There is so much that makes my heart skip a beat. So much that makes me want to stand still and listen. Watch. So much that makes me want to be here. With you. All of you.

I can do this. So can you.

Sometimes all we have to do in this life is show up, be present, and allow the magic to unfold. ~ Unknown.

p.s. Thank you, Jenny, for sending me this beautiful dress. If you know the story of the Red Dress, you will know it has to travel. Please email me at I’m in western Canada and hope to get this going here.

Love to you.

25 thoughts on “The Traveling Red Dress

  1. Lovely! You look mahvalous, dahling! Really beautiful and strong- there is nothing that is worth losing that and we really want you here- I hope you make a series of prints and hang them where you can see them every day to remind yourself that you are a strong, beautiful woman who can do anything! I am going thrifting to look for a red dress of ridiculous proportions to start something here- you’ve inspired me!

      • Totally! I saw tons of goregous ball gowns at a local thrift store- a good while ago, but I’m betting they have some all the time… And I want the ballgownest of ballgowns! I just need to find a photographer local… and I may not be brave enough for the snow scene, but barefoot on a beach maybe. Yes, we actually have a beach here in Cleveland!

    • Haha! You are really stroking my ego! Yes, own makeup, and hair. I was a beautician for a long time! I love that word-beautician. Sounds all technical and stuff.

  2. OMG!!! I knew it was beautiful, but with you in it literally took my breath away!!! Props to the photo guy……amazing…amazing!!! I would really be honored, take my hand!!!

  3. Wow what a beautiful dress and you really have the figure for such a dress it wouldn’t look that good on someone my size but you really work it but are you cold it looks like it would be cold there………………..

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