Wishes and Hopes

This post will show up as January 2nd, but trust me when I tell you that here in the dark underbelly of Canada, it’s still the 1st.

I want to say thank you for reading me in the past year. It’s funny, but I wished for a tribe, some people to talk to, to share with and I started this blog, and well, I got it. You have all been amazing and supportive. And when I think I’m out of words and I should shut this down, one of you little ducks sends me a message or a comment that lets me know I’m still doing a wee bit right.

So you get a love letter. A bag of wishes that I hope for all of you and the world this year.

I hope you all win the lottery. And I hope you remember me when you do.

I hope you all have full bellies. I don’t want anyone to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

I hope you all have warm,cozy beds to crawl into whenever you feel like it. Because what is better than that?

I hope you have loved ones. Well, I know you do. I hope they are well, too.

I hope you keep your job. Shit is kinda scary out there.

I hope it gets better. It may seem like it won’t but hang on. It will.

If you haven’t found your one true love, I hope you do.

I hope you get the chance to do whatever it is you love doing. And that time stands still when you are.

I hope you never feel alone. Because you are not. (I don’t mean that to sound like a psychotic episode, though it kinda seems like it.) So…

I wish you all good mental health.

I hope someone learns to tame owls so we can all have one. Cause, really, how badass would it be to have your own owl?

I hope there are no zombie or werewolf attacks. If there are, get to my place, because I am soooo ready!

Most of all, I wish you the best year you could ever have. May all your dreams come true.

And thank you for being here. You make it better. Really.

Love, Me *hugging you all through the internet*

15 thoughts on “Wishes and Hopes

  1. Just,Wow! I just started my search for a tribe and you reached out and became my first not known in person person to be one of my persons! I love the love letter-all kinds of warm gooey going on here! Thanks for making me feel welcomed!

  2. The same to you. I think I got it all covered. Except for that lottery thing. I am keeping an eye out for zombies, werewolves, and IRS agents, too. But, what about vampires?
    Oh, I have a house-trained owl, as well.
    Maybe I should add that I don’t think I have that mental health thing covered,either.

    • Well Doc, I love ya, late to the game or not! *Pouring the Doc a nice single malt* Now, you just relax, have fun, and I’ll let you know when you have to leave!

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