Grounds For Divorce

My husband went ice fishing with a buddy this morning. No big deal, right?

Until I went to the fridge. I saw this as I grabbed milk and kinda thought,’ Well that’s funny. Why are these there?‘ Huh.

These are fake,right? Dear god, tell me these aren't real...

And then I went back to said fridge and grabbed one of these and read the package. And saw the wiggle.

Yup. Real. And alive. And very wiggly.


Me: What the fuck is this? Why are there maggots in my fridge?

Hubby: Well, they have to be kept cold.

Me: In the fridge???? I spend half my fucking life trying to keep maggots out of there!!!

Hubby, sighing: They’re not maggots if they’re bait. Duh…

Ummm, yes. Yes, they are. But you gotta admire his attempt at logic.

If you’ll excuse me, I must go bleach my fridge.

And beat my husband about the face and neck area.

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