Flow Charts On The Neighbours

Conversation I had with hubby just now:

Where were you?

I just met the new neighbour over at Dave and Lori’s. Her names D. I got a tour of the house. And Dawson said he’d baby sit for us Saturday.

Whose house did you tour?

Dave and Lori’s. Sara got a new bearded dragon for her birthday and D has worms.

What! Dee has worms???

No for the dragon. And it’s not Dee, it’s D. The new neighbour, on the west side of the subdivision, across from Lance and Leanne?

Oh. Whats her husband do?

What? How the hell should I know? I just met her!

Are they coming to the party? How old is she? (?)

I don’t know. A bit older than me? Anyway, I told Dawson that if he wants to baby sit, it’s fine but I don’t think I want Josh over?

Who’s Josh?

Georges kid. Anyway, we all agree something isn’t right there and I guess Dee told him not to come to the party unless his dad was there. Dave said he doesn’t blame her. Why should he come over there so his dad can go out?

Whose dad? Which Dee?

Josh’s. Anyway, Scarlet and Paxton will just go home with Dana and Vince or go over to Dave and Lori’s for that night. They can hang out with Jessie and Sara and Lindsay.

Who is Scarlet and Paxton? Who is Lindsay? Who is Jessie?

Scarlett and Paxton are Dana and Vince’s kids. Lindsay is the new D’s kid’ and Jessie is Dee and Jays kid. And I had to chase that damn Mickey home tonight.

Who is Mickey now????

Dave and Lori’s dog.

I’m gonna need a flow chart to keep up with all this.



A short explanation. We live in a subdivision of acreages, and have just all started meeting each other, and partying together. We are going to a haunted house party at Dee and Jay’s Saturday. It could get ugly. So we need to find a spot for all these damn kids. On the flip side, we all  live fairly close so it’s awesome to know who is whose, and where they all be. One of the benefits of living in the country.  And yes, I’ll be sure to put the photos of that night up here!

12 thoughts on “Flow Charts On The Neighbours

    • Truly! As The Wife, I am in the know on everything related to kids and the ‘hood. He can’t get over the fact that we all know each others dog’s names! But how do you send them home if you don’t???

  1. Haha! I’ve only met a few of my “new” neighbors. But I work for the local vet’s office and I have names and faces of local folk running around my head and a lot of it still doesn’t match up! One guy came in and I asked, “Bryn?” and he looked at me funny and replied, “Nooo, Allan.” I shouted, “AHA! Bollschweiller!” Yeah. *sigh* It’s gonna take me awhile . . .

  2. Confused husbands are so cute…or at least they are from the outside looking in. I don’t blame him for getting lost in that conversation. It is pretty awesome to get to know your neighbors though especially if you have a zombie invasion and need extra cover…though I think you’ll have it all covered.

    • Yes! I’ve already picked out my new friends for after the apocolypse. I check to see who has deer heads mounted on their walls. Very sage, if I do say so myself.

  3. Sounds like fun girlfriend, really nice to have some people close by to bond with, especially for the kids and moms too……..;)

  4. My neighbors:
    Steve and Marie: Very nice people. Probably wonder why I yell at squirrels and walk around the yard in a Walmart vest.
    Dean and MaryAnne: Behind us. I yelled at him for cutting down one of my trees. Despite that, he’s a very friendly guy. But, I think he’d like to cut me.
    Ed: In his 80s, knows what’s going on at all times. With Ed around, I don’t need a burglar alarm. Once called the cops to report, “Some dang fool lurking around the Penwasser house in a Walmart vest.”
    ????: Don’t know his name, haven’t talked to him. But, he’s out every Saturday on his John Deere tractor. Even in the winter.
    Oh, gotta go…..I just saw a squirrel.
    Hope Ed’s not watching.

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