The other day my son and I decided to take a different route home. We do that sometimes. Just find a new road and see where it leads. I glanced out my window and saw this;


It’s just out of the ditch, no discernible home nearby. Not in a pasture, just in a bluff of trees. Someone’s old homestead. Why would anyone plant geraniums there? They were all alive and had obviously been tended. Why?

Well, for me. And my son. And now you. A random act of beauty just to make every person passing by smile.

My son and I talked about it. He thought he’d like to make a sign.

Thanks, stranger!

Sometimes the best things are the ones that surprise you the most.

Happy Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. With apologies to Robert Frost:
    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    And sorry I could not travel both…
    I took the one less traveled by
    And that has made all the difference since.
    Because I ran into a deer
    and decided to avoid the tree most near
    so I put my ride into the drink
    and ended up in the clink
    because I blew a .12
    when arrested by the boys in blue.
    Frikkin’ roads poetry.

    P.S. Great sign!

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