Autumn Joy

The older I get, the more I love autumn. Fall makes me feel busy and thankful. I like the crispness of the air, the colour of the leaves and the bounty of the summer. It’s the legacy of the farm child. So in that spirit, I’m going to share my week with you.

This is the view from my front deck.

Good morning.

This is where I walk. My neighbor’s land, right next to our place.

About 200 steps from the house.

The odd coyote and deer are my walking companions.

At the top of this hill, in the trees, I found an orchard.

 I glanced into the bushes and found loads of saskatoons, chokecherry and high bush cranberries. So I picked for a few minutes.

Lavender jelly and Cranberry jelly. Fake rooster.

Why can't I find lip gloss this colour?

 The lavender was from my herb bed and the cranberries from mama nature. I love that! It was a chore cleaning them as they smell like feet before they are cooked, but I picked the flowers off the lavender after I did it so I mellowed out and smelled good. My boys even helped out with picking and it became a lovely family outing. It was a peaceful week.

Some folks have been finding my blog using the search term ‘Joy’. I like that. And I love free berries. Hey, why don’t you come for tea and scones?

I have some really good jelly I’d like you to try. I hear it brings joy.


5 thoughts on “Autumn Joy

  1. Joy is a far better search to bring people in than I get. I am puzzled by some of the searches people land on my blog with. Things I’ve never written, like this gem: “I have a hangover and my leg is broken” or “dork riding a pony”.
    The internet. It’s a jungle out there.

    • Holy shit! ‘I have a hangover and my leg is broken’? My husband just said the exact same thing to me this morning! See, he’s googling you. I knew he would.

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