Stephen Harper

Mr. Harper,

I can’t bring the funny right now. In most situations, I can find the irreverence, if not flat-out guffawing humour, but today I can’t.

I have kept myself away from the news to maintain as much joy in life as possible, and as you well know, it’s mostly bad and repetitive, so why bother?  But something came to my attention and I have been weeping because of it for a couple of days.

I’m speaking of the rape of the Lybian women and children. Don’t you turn your head! You look! You see! Here, I’ll get you a flashlight to bring it all in a little clearer

I thought about adding a link, but I don’t think its necessary. We all can find the information we need.

As a world leader, I implore you to step in and do something about this. I know it’s complicated. I understand the mechanics of politics and war.

As a Canadian woman, I’m fairly certain you or any of our serving men would never allow this to happen to your own female populace. So why is it okay somewhere else?

Rape is a ‘weapon of war’, but why is it not quite considered a war crime? How can we as a shiny christian democracy  participate in actions that have monetary rewards, and peacekeep in others messy battles, yet draw some invisible, arbitrary line that in essence is telling the Ghaddafis of the world “That’s okay, they are only women”?

I know women are still chattel in some countries, but that does not make it right.

I know it’s an uphill battle. I know that there is an ethnic component that is permissive of rape as a form of control. I know how long it will take to change that mentality.

But someone needs to start. Someone needs to be a hero.

Why not you? Why not us? Why not?

I don’t condone war, per se, but sometimes it has to be done. It must be an honourable battle.

How about humanity? Fighting for human dignity? Protecting those that cannot protect themselves?

Us Canadians have been pretty good at that in the past. Let’s try it again.

Look. See. Help them. I’ll hold the flashlight in case you’re missing anything. Pretty disturbing, isn’t it?

I’ll help in any way I can. Send them to my house. I’ll look after them until they are better, if they ever can be. My hubby won’t let anything happen to them.

Look. Bear witness. Do something!

Be a hero. Please!

I need to laugh again. And I just can’t when I know my sisters and their children are not safe.

p.s. If you comment, and please do, please attatch any relevant links you would like readers to see, with regards to this post. Anything else that we can do to help and inform.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper

  1. If only it was that easy. Mr Harper, whom I may not be a fan of can only give lip service in this regard, and likely will be all he will do. With war, we get all those other male dominated and created behaviors. It brings out the beast in men sadly, the women and children pay the price as they have for millennia, with every war that has been fought in the name of “God” or country.

    The woman is love and she needs to connect with her power, and the man is power needing to connect with his love……… excerpt from Indigo Adults

    I know how horrible it is to see and we should not turn away, ever. I know your heart is very big, and you would save them all if you could. We can however, collectively as sisters send as much love and light as possible to them , and bring men back into their hearts…………Or we women all get really BIG guns and take our world back. Yeah that works 🙂

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