This is important to me, so it gets its own post. I started this because I had to. I reached out to a beautiful old friend whose art I’ve always loved and asked if she would design a banner for me.

And TA DA!!!

Note what lovely ducks I have a mere day or two later!!! She was excellent, she listened and got what I wanted right off the bing bang.  And as I am a technophobe, she did the insert for me with my blessing. I highly recommend Kathy Sigstad at Stringbean Design, 

I also got to have a wonderful hour and a half chat with her, too!! My good old friend. Love to you. (If I screwed up your info, feel free to hack in and correct it, Kathy, with my blessing!)

4 thoughts on “Banner

  1. Lovely ducks you two! I’m mostly on mobile site so don’t see them, alas. Great reading so far Leanne. Did you get that scanner?

Go on. Talk to Mama Duck.

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